01 January 2016

Fire Island


Its 2016! Somehow the time seems to run faster as you grow older. Every year around this time most of us go through these thoughts:

DENIAL; No! it can’t be! how come the year went by so quickly?!

DELUSION; This year I’ll finish all the things I’ve been promising myself for the past five years!

DEFEAT; (usually around March) I can’t put so much pressure on myself; why do I have such unrealistic expectations?!

No matter what, its at least entertaining to think of resolutions every year, even though they go out like smoke by the 4th of january.

So what are our resolutions / expectations of this year?

One of the good things that happened in December was the GQ fashion nights - an initiative to promote menswear in India by GQ India. For me the most exciting show was Rohit Gandhi Rahul khanna (RG+RK) and I promptly sent my editorial request to them.

RG+RK are undoubtedly one of the torch bearers of mens fashion in India and this collection has very intelligent mix of androgyny in menswear.

(Androgyny is the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. Sexual ambiguity may be found in fashion, gender identity, sexual identity, or sexual lifestyle. )

Androgyny is not about putting men in skirts or women in tuxedo’s (sadly, thats how a lot of designers portray it in India), its about little feminine nuances in mens clothing and vice-versa. Like the fluid draped detail in RG+RK pants or the way the layered kurta shirt is cut.

They also have a super effective and easy to navigate online shop : here

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Model : Ishan Kalita (Serb Scouting)
Location : Rahul Dutta Studio


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